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“All of which raises an interesting question. If we are agreed to constitutionally protect the property rights of some Canadians, why do we shrink from doing the same for others? Recall that the same Constitution that entrenched aboriginal rights, from which we now see derived aboriginal title, declined to protect the right to own property […]

At the 2012 Liberal Biennial Convention, a controversial motion came to the floor. It argued that Canada should be a republic and I found myself offended. I was not sure why and I mentioned this troubling state of mind to a friend. At that point, I found out that that same friend was a republican […]

“The truth is that neither Canadian political leaders nor Canadians themselves have the stomach for an honest conversation about the disgrace that is the state of too many First Nations, the grotesque and bewildering array of rules which govern the federal-aboriginal relationship and the paternalistic and ultimately poisonous nature of that relationship in the first […]