We often forget how quickly technology can move. While, Benz developed his first car in 1885; it was the development of Henry Ford’s Model T and his new innovative manufacturing techniques, in 1913, that helped to reshape the United States. By 1927, a total of just over 15 million Model Ts had been made. Farmers, […]

It used to be hard to argue that politicians provide any value. In the past, one could easily point to the good that great statesmen did. One could point to Abraham Lincoln, Sir John A. MacDonald, Rt. Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Peter Lougheed, Churchill or FDR. One could argue that these men built or saved […]

Anyone who knows me will be shocked by the brevity of this piece. However, for me, it is pretty easy to see why the city of Calgary should move forward with the 2026 Olympic Bid. My argument is based on two facts: the precarious nature of WinSport’s finances and the need for the city to […]

“The Donald Trumps of the world, the Nigel Farages of the world — one can disagree with them, especially a conservative like myself can disagree with them on some things. But they are at least trying to fix what they see ails democratic, capitalist, market-oriented societies and my fear is if they don’t have success […]

In 2018, an Alberta Government Department – called Alberta Economic and Development and Trade developed a pamphlet. Entitled the “2017 Highlights of the Alberta Economy”, it noted that Alberta had “one of the world’s most productive agricultural economies, with a total farm area of 50.3 million acres or 20.3 million hectares”.   But it doesn’t stop […]