In 1787, the American Constitutional Convention came to be. George Washington was elected to be its chairman and he sat in a very beautiful chair. On the back of the chair, a sun was carved. Very few people took notice of the chair but Benjamin Franklin was one of them. At this point, he was […]

Two decades ago, I was involved with a student newspaper. It was called the Calumetro and it was published by the Calumet College Student Government. It was one of many publications that enhanced the student experience of York University’s Main Campus and it taught me all sorts of things. While preforming several roles, including Editor-in-Chief, […]

In 2012, I wrote a blog piece called “Provincial Merger, I agree…”.  In it, I made a simple argument: the only way that Progressive Voices could be heard in Alberta is by merging the Alberta NDP, the Alberta Liberals, the Alberta Greens and the Alberta Party. In merging, we could get 25 to 30% and […]