“Well now the Liberals are back, with a new, more attack-proof House Leader, Bardish Chagger, and a new attempt to rewrite House rules in the interest of “efficiency.” Officially it’s just a “discussion paper,” but if so it’s one the government seems peculiarly unwilling to discuss or even explain. Once again there are limits proposed […]

What I think is astounding about Alberta Politics comes down to one simple fact: most Automobile manufacturers don’t think that they will be producing gas powered cars in 30 years. Recently, the CEO of the Ford Motor Company, Mark Fields, said in a statement that “Our investments and expanding lineup reflect our view that global offerings of […]

  “Nearly 130 properties managed by Capital Region Housing are under scrutiny after a broken furnace leaked and sent a family of six to hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. ‘This occurring is quite rare,’ said Greg Dewling, executive director of Capital Region Housing. The family was allowed to return to their south Edmonton townhouse after treatment Friday. […]

So let’s be clear: if a provincial legislature passes a Law – until such time as it is ruled unconstitutional by the relevant Court of Law – it is the responsibility of the Crown to enforce that Law. This is a simple and important principle in our system. In a country which is ruled by Laws, Laws must be followed. It seems that […]