“McLaren is commited to having a 100% hybrid lineup by 2025 and has begun researching an all-electric auto despite concerns that clients might reject anything lacking the rumble of an internal combustion engine. “ McLaren Rolls out a GT to Rival Porsche 911 and Aston Martin, by Christopher Jasper, Bloomberg.com, July 8, 2019,   As […]

So, Jason Kenney is now Premier. A friend of mine, who was not fond of Premier Notley, asked me my opinion. Anyone who knows me knows one thing: Russell Scantlebury will not give a simple answer. Accordingly, I thought I would jot it down here.   To start off with, I hope that Jason Kenney […]

We often forget how quickly technology can move. While, Benz developed his first car in 1885; it was the development of Henry Ford’s Model T and his new innovative manufacturing techniques, in 1913, that helped to reshape the United States. By 1927, a total of just over 15 million Model Ts had been made. Farmers, […]